If your path becomes lonely, don’t be afraid to walk alone. Remember, people are walking beside you everyday, as we are all alone together.


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Shape Of Growth

I followed my dreams
They led me to you,
Over the dark forest
Beyond the castle view.
When I asked for a sign
It spelled out my name,
Burning into my mind
Like fire to a flame.
When I searched for love
I was handed a mirror,
I needed to love myself
To see things clearer.
When I chased freedom
I lost touch with reality,
Shaping myself was vital
Discovery was the key.
The answers appeared
Knowledge had to be earned.
I found myself embedded
In the lessons I had learned.


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Beauty in pain

It’s ok to cry when you need to.
Rainbows can’t be created by light alone,
Sometimes the clouds have to cry,
To create something beautiful.


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Soul letter

The alphabet fluctuates
From letters to emotion,
As we embed our passions
On pages forever frozen.
We string text together
And give it a meaning,
Then we open our souls
To a dictionary of feelings.
Rhymes become inked
With broken hearts,
For the bleeding poetry
To be called art.
Words become characters
As we make them whole,
We fill letters with ideas
And words with soul.


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I cast my eyes
Beneath the veil,
And lifted the truth
Of the forbidden grail.
Travelling through time
On a magical carpet ride,
Watching the Planets form
And the asteroids collide.
Like Alice in wonderland
My sanity has ended,
As I escaped this realm
With a soul transcended.


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The most addictive drug known to man is knowledge. It allows you to escape reality and see its true faces at the same time. Once your eyes are open there is no greater fulfillment than stepping into the unknown.


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We prepare ourselves
For our next life,
With tests and trials
That we barely survive.
Our kindness & warmth
Is to lead the way,
And open the gates
To a brand new day.
Consciousness awakes
Through darkness & light,
But we can’t be afraid
By the creaks in the night.
This Planet is a gift
We should never ignore,
It leads us down a path
Of conscious doors.
When your mind opens
Your eyes will follow,
Don’t be lost in a world
That became so shallow.
Balance is the key
As we stand in the middle,
Decrypting the code
Of the Universe’s riddle.



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The labyrinth

I close my eyes & I begin to dream
Only to be awoken by echoing screams,
A maze of paths & endless patterns
“Holy fuck” how did this happen?

I drift around there’s no way out
Barely can see I panic & shout,
Menacing roars from far ahead
It knows I’m here & it needs to be fed.

I run around, it’s a lot to apprehend
Paths lead to nowhere except dead ends,
The pattern is complex & I’m not going lie
I’m scared I’m lost & I don’t want to die.

Instincts surge and logic appears
I’ll get to the centre, everything is clear,
I need to find a key to open this door
With the courage to face a Minotaur.

Starting to wish I listened to my teacher
How did Theseus kill this creature?
No time to think the screams draw closer,
I stumble & fall, into the Minotaur’s enclosure

I can feel it with me I’m fully aware
It’s sizing me up I feel its stare,
Out of the shadows it crowds my space
I nearly collapsed it has the same face.

Everything is clear the maze is in my head
The fear I carry keeps the monster fed,
I’m to face myself if I want to be free
I’m the only one that’s holding the key.


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Reality is beautifully unique
A complicated suprise,
No star looks the same
Through different eyes.
We walk down our paths
Hand in hand my friend,
Taking different journeys
We’ll all meet in the end.
What is this word ‘normal’
They try & force us to be,
How can we all be the same
In these individual realities.
We are written into one story
Living in seperate stages,
Disconnected by perspective
But connected by the pages.


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I’ve fallen through worlds
That are in my mind,
Landed on earth
With a purpose to find.
Layers of mistake
Masked in smiles,
I fell for a world
That put me on trial.
So many storms
Where do I start?
Lightening & thunder
Appeared in my heart.
Like the planet
Thoughts orbit around,
Yet gravity forbids me
To leave this ground.


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First attempt drawing anime. 🙂


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Lotus Flower

A recent doodle to share with you all.


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Born into a land
Forgotten by time,
Days are nights
The stars don’t align.
Fell out of sync
Into another zone,
A place abandoned
Which I call my home.
I’m ahead of myself
Or I was left behind,
Orbiting the outside
Of my very mind.
Days become years
Decades are legends,
Minutes are hours
Forever is a second.


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Music is my emotion
A second heartbeat,
The notes feel like passion
The words taste bittersweet.
Travelling through my ears
Connecting to my veins,
The rhythm fuses my blood
The melody numbs the pain.
It’s a language we all understand
The magic ignites deep inside,
Like colours to a spectrum
Exploding when beats collide.
Note by note I find soul
Pitched in the waves of time,
Music became my home
In a soul of endless rhyme.


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Never afraid…

I’m not afraid
To shout,
I’m not afraid
To sing,
I was never
Afraid of
Or what
Will bring.
I’m not afraid
To dream,
I’m not afraid
To fail,
I was never
Afraid to
The darkest
I’m not afraid
To live,
I’m not afraid
To die,
I’ve never been
Of saying


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Faces of art

My mind is dreadful
It’s a terrible place,
Inked onto paper
With a beautiful face.
Sprayed with colour
Which doesn’t last,
Saturated in words
Lost in the contrast.
It is a masterpiece
This bleeding heart
Vibrant and poise
Sculpturing art.
Deadly beautiful
Like Jekyll & Hyde,
One piece of art
Two different sides.


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Mind fuck

I’ll play the lead
In your dirty book,
Feel the sensation
Off this mind fuck.
You can see me here
Inbetween the lines,
I’m behind the cover
On page sixty nine.
Read each verse
To feel me within,
This isn’t a love story
It’s a book of sin.
I will tease you
On every cliffhanger,
Strip me bare
In every chapter.
You’ll lick your lips
When you read,
Because ‘I want’
becomes ‘I need’


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Heart of time

Let’s dance together
One last night,
I’ll follow your rhythm
As you hold me tight.
I’ll take in your scent
As I feel you breathe,
We’ll sway into the night
Before I have to leave.
Our hearts will beat
In tune together,
When souls merge
We’ll dance forever.
If we don’t meet again
That would be fine,
Memories will freeze
In the heart of time.

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Freakily sane …

I’m questioning my sanity
The unicorn in the bathroom,
Isn’t giving me a sense of reality.
Pixies are flying around my head
As I’m reading bedtime stories,
To the monsters under my bed.
I asked Peter to fly me to Neverland
But I fell down the rabbit hole,
To be a lost girl in wonderland.
A shapeshifter without a host
Or about as transparent,
As a friendly ghost.
I put the looney in tunes
My life is like road runner,
Or a set of cat & mouse cartoons.
I’m drinking with the grim reaper
He’s the life of the party,
I’m a different type of creature.
I’ll never be a fairy and fly free
But I’ll always be this strange,
So who wants to be like me.


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My satellite

He came out of nowhere
Like a gust of wind,
Blowing me over
Until my body was pinned.
The ocean in his eyes
Called me to the shore,
Drowning me in his iris
Into the depth of his core.
The electricity between us
Created a surge of power
Flashing through the sky
He is my meteor shower.
Like the Moon orbiting earth
In the beauty of the night,
He’s spinning around me
As my own satellite.


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Paths collide..

Walking through a room
They caught each others eyes,
Gravity pulled them together
As their senses multiplied.
In a single moment
Time became frozen,
Nobody else existed
In all of the commotion.
Chemistry was in the air
Particles filled with tension,
The atmosphere sucked them away
To another dimension.
When they woke this morning
These strangers didn’t realise,
Souls would be merging
In a magical paradise.
Hearts would beat as one
As all the stars aligned,
They’d find home in a stranger
When destinies intertwined.


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I would…

I’d fracture my bones
To defend yours,
I’d fight in battles
To protect you from wars.
I’d take your pain
And all your tears
I’d die a million times
Just to face your fears.
I’d break my heart
So yours wouldn’t shatter,
I’d give you the world
If it made you happier.
I’d risk everything & more
Just to see you smile
You make living
Worth fighting for.


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I am very similar
To my porcelain skin,
Smooth on the surface
Yet hollow within.
If you look closely
You can trace the tracks,
Of this worn exterior
That has started to crack.
I’m strong & sturdy
Yet a fragile little thing,
My strength is carried
On my broken wings.
Just one last drop
I will fail to exist,
As history will scatter
Into a porcelain mist.


via Porcelain

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The final chapter…

If the world was ending
Would you be there,
I’d be standing on a roof
Shooting a flare.
Would you race by my side
To wipe away the tears,
Holding me in your arms
As we faced our final fears.
When we take our last breaths
Could you look me in the eye,
Tell me everything would be okay
Knowing our dreams would die,
Tomorrow will be ashes
Yesterday would be gone,
No more walks on the beach
Or dusk until dawns.
But in our final moments
I know that I will be okay,
As you’d be there beside me
Which no force could take away.


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Colours can bleed
Colours can cry,
They fade away
But they never die.
There’s dark & light
Purple or golden,
Associated with life
& different emotions.
Choose a colour
To match your soul,
Would it be vibrant
Or as black as coal.
Mix the colours
That others will see
Show them the spectrum
Of what you can be.


via Spectrum

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Black snow

As I stand here
On this empty street,
Black snow falls
It’s a sign of defeat.
There is no hope
I can’t see any flares,
This feels like hatred
It looks like despair.
Flakes land on me
They drip with pain,
From ashes to blood
Leaving their stain.
The fantasy we’ve lived
Drowns into insanity,
As this darkness steals
The last pieces of humanity.


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Hells heavens

Shoot me down
With bows & arrows,
My demons will rise
To haunt your shadows.
Fire your cannons
Release your weapons,
Witness the day I open
All hells heavens.
Beware if you curse me
With your deadly plagues,
This queen of hearts
Is also the queen of spades.
I have flames inside me
With a lethal spark,
I’ve walked through hell
I’m not afraid of the dark.
Deafen me with thunder
Hit me with lightening,
This one women army
Isn’t afraid of dying.


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Bored specimen

I don’t feel pleased
Or even desired,
There’s no passion
I am not inspired
I need excitement
The rush of adrenaline,
I am nothing more
Than a bored specimen.
As the world ticks
And steals my tocks,
I’m swimming in a sea
With a pocket of rocks.
This is my addiction
With veins of greed,
Give me an adventure
I need to feed.


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You can’t kill me, I’m already dead. I drowned in creativity trying to reach the abyss of my imagination. Only to realise I was dreaming in a lost reality.


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Beauty can come from pain.

It’s ok to cry when you need to

Rainbows can’t be created by light alone,

Sometimes the clouds have to cry

To create something beautiful.


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I’m writing my life
On a Celestial page,
Where time doesn’t exist
It’s just an illusion of age.
There is an inbetween
I fell through the gap,
I asked the abyss to help
And it lead me into a trap.
There’s silence in sound here
Black and white in colour,
The spectrums merge
With dimensions to discover.
The chronicle of events
I stand here touching,
And it all makes sense
Life equates to nothing.


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Maze runner

There are rooms
in my mind,
If you open the doors
Don’t be afraid
Of what you’ll find.
Some are beautiful
Others you’ll fear,
If they’re dark
I bring flowers here.
Don’t go in the closets
They can get messy,
Find the secret rooms
There’s not that many.
You don’t need an invite
There is no key,
It’s an open maze
To experience me.


via Maze runner

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Time for a treat..

Lets straighten things out
On crispy white sheets,
It’s been a long time coming
We’re in need of a treat.
Draw the curtains
We’ll be here for weeks,
Learning each others bodies
And the way they speak.
Don’t hold back
Lock the door,
My body screams for you,
I’m in need of more.
Like two magnets,
We face the attraction
Drawing each other closer
For immense satisfaction.


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Don’t try & understand who I am
Hardwired like a programme,
Hidden coding behind the screen
So you won’t see a faulty machine.

Like all machines there’s a switch
To turn off & on when I feel a glitch,
People ignore what’s beyond the surface
Steel, memories, & a short circuit.

Woken to do the tasks in hand
Processing data for my brain to expand,
And I’ll stick a smile on the display
So you won’t notice what’s locked away.

A reboot won’t help it’s internal damage
But I can still function & still manage,
Quite an advanced little machine
Artificial intelligence that can’t be seen.


via Hardwired…

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Beautifully vulnerable

He had always protected me
But for just one moment,
I witnessed his pain & vulnerability.
He held back his hurt and tears
I glanced for a second more,
Before I held him in my arms
And whispered,
How many times did you need me
And I wasn’t there?

via Beautifully vulnerable

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Beautiful sickness

Life is our lover
The mistress in the affair,
Fucking us daily
It’s stripping us bare.
Playing mind games
We jump to its feet,
Feeding us seduction
To keep us sweet.
We bow down
To all the highs & lows,
Give and take
All the laughs & blows.
We can’t end the affair
It’s too addictive,
Because life itself
Is a beautiful sickness.

– K

via Beautiful sickness

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Pandora’s box..

When she falls tell them,
She walked with giants
A fierce warrior,
That overruled the tyrants.
A women who solved
The labyrinths maze,
And stood up to Zeus
When he asked for praise.
With an army of Titans
From both heaven & hell
This was no goddess
Just a fallen Angel.
Leading warriors into war
They salvaged power
But she hated what she saw.
She destroyed her sword
And gave up command
Running far & fast
Away from this land.
Taking the evil she once released,
She boxed it up for Pandora
To never be unleashed.

via Pandora’s box..

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I’m starting to fade
Into the light,
Orbs of me drift
Into the night.
I find myself
Amongst the stars,
Shooting brightly
But not that far.
I’m in your sight
Not in your reach,
Spreading magic
In what I teach.
I’m floating high
In addictive lust,
Scattering myself
Into stardust.

via Stardust

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A couple of pictures I’ve taken of the sunsets recently with added filters.

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I drift away into
Arcadian dreams,
Where castles await
The Kings and Queens.
Many species
Have settled here,
& within a blink of an eye
They all appear.
Through Elvish lands
Are Celestial teachers
Spreading wisdom
To all the creatures.
As Valerians protect
And Valkaries preserve,
There’s a balance of respect
Every Planet deserves


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Poetry Selections from the End of Summer Poetry Contest: Including Christine Bolton, The Feeling Spleen, Dorinda Duclos, The Darkest Fairy Tale, and Ethan D. Eagar

via Poetry Selections from the End of Summer Poetry Contest: Including Christine Bolton, The Feeling Spleen, Dorinda Duclos, The Darkest Fairy Tale, and Ethan D. Eagar

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Bottomless pit

I saw the colours
The spectrum In your eyes,
And I painted them red
As red as the burning skies.
I witnessed the light
Shining through your soul,
I painted it black
As black as coal.
I felt the goodness
In your heart,
I shunned it away
As the darkest art.
I touched the pain
In your tears,
I ignored the voices
Screaming through my ears.
I carried the burden
You carried around,
I turned it into lightening
Striking the ground.
I felt you die
A thousand times,
You felt me fall
Inbetween the lines.
We observed the world
Breakout into plagues
And our souls drowned
Into an abyss of shades.


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I thought I was human
Until I felt myself fall,
I gave into my mind
I have fucked it all.
I fell deeper and deeper
It all made sense,
Living in a reality
Made of nonsense.
I didn’t find rock bottom
I found the basement,
And part of myself
I will live to resent.
How could I be
So blind and naive,
From the symbols I see
To the reality I believe.
I have a foot on both sides
What was I thinking,
I thought I was surviving
When I was actually sinking.


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Timeless lands.

People think they know me
Yet I’m a stranger at best,
They don’t see the suffering
When my minds at rest.
I became addicted to worlds
Created by my mind,
Stringing pieces together
With theories I’d grind.
How do I tell them
I created my own religion,
And my thoughts are based
Souly on fiction.
My mind disappeared
To the structure of the universe,
Until I realised I was living
In an unsolvable curse.
I am lost in this world
Which they don’t understand,
My mind has retired
To a forbidden lands.


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Inking agony

Paper can’t handle
The ink that I spill,
There’s a curse hidden
Behind my quill.
Letters turn into acid
Paper into ash,
The alphabet cries
When emotions clash.
My writing is messy
There is no design,
I don’t fix in any box
Or inbetween the lines.
When it comes to art
You must give insanity,
As poetic truths
Are inked with agony.

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A brilliant poem below to be appricaited by Aman Dwivedi.



If you would like to contact the poet please do so by emailing amangeek97@gmail.com

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I was struck by an arrow
A love stricken arrow,
Gazing down a lonely path
So dark and narrow.
I feel him at the end
His heart beating for mine,
I’m drowning in an hourglass
Swimming in the sands of time.
We have never connected
Yet I feel him inside,
Then he’s lost to memories
And a part of me dies.
It’s the universe dividing us
As we will never be close,
Yet I see him in my thoughts
And the universe slows.
Maybe we are past lovers
Searching the world together
Or maybe we’re forgotten souls
That lost each other forever.


via Dividing

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Life quote

See the world for how it is, not for how you want it to be.


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You can’t kill me, I’m already dead. I drowned in creativity trying to reach the abyss of my imagination. Only to realise I was dreaming in a lost reality.


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My life is cursed
Or am I the cure,
My body aches
For so much more.
Was I created
By mistake,
Is there a sign
Or a path to take.
Is anyone else there?
Or I am too blind,
Living in Braille
With colour to find.
I might be lost
Or am I home,
Nothing is certain
When you ache alone.


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The pieces are there
To merge together,
I’m caged in delusions
Which seem like forever.
The symbols appear
As I cross dimensions,
Chasing my insanity
With lots of questions.
There are worlds here
Masked in disguise,
It’s the world we live
That’s masked in lies.
I am losing myself
The deeper I roam,
Yet the closer I crawl
The more It feels like home.


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Intellectual orgasm

Make love to my mind
Go down on my thoughts,
Fill my imagination
With electric shots.
Fall into my dreams
Tease my perception,
Infect me with words
With a lethal injection.
Present me with lessons
Feed every greedy hole,
Tempt my curious mind
Taste my hungry soul.
Spread your fire
Cover me in passion
Bring more than physical
To an intellectual orgasm.


via Intellectual orgasm

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Google earth

Do any of my followers use Google earth and can tell me what this? found just off Ghana in the Gulf of Guinea. You will need to be on street view for it to appear. But its not registered as a location but being picked up by satellite?

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The surreal night sky
Shimmers like a rainbow,
With glimpses of purple
And castles that glow.
Beyond our existence
The moon is possessed,
In an open garden
Where the comets rest.
There’s peace up above
As insignificant as we are,
If compare to the unknown
Of those shooting stars.


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Worst day ever…

My imaginary friend
Stole my unicorn,
My pet phoenix
Turned into flames.
The voices in my head
Are ignoring me,
& the boogeyman is drunk
With the monster hiding,
Under my bed.
The mad hatter lost my key
& Neverland has rejected me,
So you can only imagine
What a shit day I’m having.

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Pieces of a puzzle

Darling you might be broken and in pieces,
But a jigsaw never got completed with missing pieces.
I will assemble the puzzle of your history,
And follow your fears into the darkness where your shadow left you.
Not only will I come out with the missing pieces,
I will show you the perfect picture I already see.

via Pieces of a puzzle

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If I had died today,
I wouldn’t be whole,
There’s something missing
I guess it’s my soul.
An empty hollow
Is now all that remains,
Numb to this world
With only myself to blame.
I’m passing time by
But to what end,
So I can fake a smile
Laugh and pretend.
I’d sarcafice everything
To help build peoples dreams,
Whilst they only hear silence
From my inner screams.


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Spectrum of dreams

In a land of dreams
Time doesn’t bend,
Crossing dimensions
Chasing worlds end.
Follow the secret garden
Down into an abyss,
The silence is deadly
It’s the noise you miss.
Through deathly hollows
Inbetween the gargoyles,
You’ll find the doorways
To a heaven of Royals.
Follow the spectrum
Into a fading night sky,
& merge with dimensions
Hidden behind the eye.


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Escaping reality

I’ll have another drink
To drown my doubt,
As I light up a joint
I will numb it out.
Listening to music
My mind drifts away,
Secretly I’m praying
Not to see another day.
Next day I’ll wake
Full of regrets,
But yet I do it again
I just need to forget.
I will try and change
As I realise I’m fucked,
It’s harder then you think
It’s easier to self destruct?


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Under the veil

Paint pictures
On fractured walls,
Watch the paint drip
As memories fall.
Let’s hide ourselves
Under a veil,
Be blind to a world
Written in brailie.
Open our minds
Not just our hearts,
Humanity is lost
To the history of art.
We can be deaf
We can be blind,
But we can’t navigate
With ignorant minds.


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A Banshee sings
The Fairies fly,
A Oracle holds
The eye to the sky.
A Goblin steals
A Witch casts,
The Muse influences
All of our paths.
The Ogres scare
A Queen conquers,
Under the bed
Lies the monsters.
As magic soars
And Valerians fly,
Humanity drains
As imagination dies.


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The grey

So many beliefs
In heaven & hell,
Opposites planes
Worlds parallel.
Like a triangle
All sides connect,
People worship
None are perfect.
Heaven is too picky
Hell accepts all,
Even the angels
After they fall.
To burn forever
Or to live a lie,
I’m good & bad
I’ll be more lost
When I die.
I never believed
In black & white
So when I die
I’ll go to the grey
Inbetween the divide.



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Heat of passion
Flares of temptation,
The touch of your leg
With discreet flirtation.
Flutter of your eyes
The ache of my heart,
Trying very hard
Not to fall apart.
A Devilish grin
I will draw you in,
Across the table
I touch your skin.
Cheeky seduction
Tension teasing,
Feeling my heart
Rapidly beating.
Eyes are locked
As my soul strips,
Feeling the resistance
Through my hips.
I’m biting my lip
Controlling the urge,
Anticipating the moment
When our souls will merge.



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Siren call…

The siren echos
Her seductive tease,
You can hear the calls
Through desperate pleas.
She is intoxicating
Down to the core,
Which your body craves
The depth of more.
Calling you through
Ears of ignorance,
She is absorbing
All your innocence.
Fear for the men
Aboard the ships,
It’s trickery to the senses
The song from her lips.
Her heart has depth
Men have drowned,
It all starts with lust
And a heavenly sound.




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I write for you
For the dimples in your flaws,
All the rainbows
Which reflect in your tears.
All the beauty
Shining from your pores,
And for all your love
That blankets me with warmth.
For when I write
I feel us merge together,
When my ink is spoken
They’ll feel our hearts,
And my promise of forever.


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I’m the girl,
That falls
In love,
Every night.
Looking up,
After the stars,
Captivated by the
Falling in love,
With everything
Yet everything,



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Inhale me..

Feel the curves

Of my existence,

Exhale my name

In anticipation,

Taste me

Without any resistance,

Use your tongue

To talk to my flesh,

Conquer me

With your seduction,

Break me down

Into a molecule

absorb all of me,

Be the poetry

To my blank page.

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Would you kiss my lips,
If they are bleeding pain?
Would you wipe away acid,
If my tears leaked with shame?
Would you hold me close,
If my heart fired ice?
Would you carry me home,
If I fled from this life?
Would you chase me into storms,
Just to battle my thunder?
Would you hold me in your arms
To give me shelter to hide under?
Would you love me in reality
Could anyone ever love me,
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