The reality

The ugly truth of this world I’ve seen.
From as a child was quite obscene.
Why put someone through pain.
Was you broken or just mentally insane.

I look normal & generally out of place.
Yes my name brings me much disgrace,
The world is full of endless dreams.
But to me it’s full of endless screams.

The experiences that make us strong.
Are usually beside me all nightlong.
The suffering we had to endure.
How could you think I am so pure.

A burning sensation to feel emotion.
If only to be normal, to feel the notion.
The cards dealt is a stroke of bad luck.
From the pain of the hands I was struck.

I’ll chase my dreams and nothing more.
You will never notice the pain I ignore.
I stand in the crowd, you’ll never hear.
The screams of a girl who does not fear.

Mentally strong is my strength
Control I possess at whatever length.
I will rise and climb until my death.
Forgetting the times you took breath.


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17 Responses to The reality

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  2. Nan Mykel says:

    What many of us who were sexually abused mourn most is “what might have been.”

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  3. bodyelectricweb says:

    Reblogged this on I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC and commented:
    I stumbled across this AMAZING blog written by a wonderful poet who writes about the kind of traumatic experiences I have had. Tomorrow I promise I will attempt my own poem, but until then I will leave you with these beautiful words xxx

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  4. Basing this comment on what I i’ve read from you in the last couple days… The seeds of greatness were planted with this…


  5. harjitsingh says:

    Hi again! ☺
    I could use a little extra help.
    I wrote this blog called “alpha” las night and I was wondering if you could help me out with deciding the names of the characters or what the next part should be about cuz of how talented you are in writing and ur like the similar age as mine so you’d probably understand it better.

    Basically there’s a pack. A alpha and he has two wolves with him. And there’s a pretty huntress. I don’t know what names to pick for them.

    The other thing I could use a little help on is what the next part be based on. I’m deciding on either going back to the past of how the guy became a alpha or I could carry on and the next part can be about how the boy and the girl meet in college the next day.

    You’d understand the context of this so much better if you watched teen wolf (well u might do; I don’t know lol)

    Also it’s if you don’t mind 🙂

    I’ve written a lot so if your in jus take a screenshot of this comment and then delete it or jus delete it straight lol 😂


    (And I wonder what weirdo u think I am) 😂


    • harjitsingh says:

      Oh and I was thinking bout “emma” as the girl’s name


    • Hahahahah it’s OK I am a weirdo aswell, why don’t you call it alphas or Mega’s since they are the superior to them all, haha well my email is to contact me and IL help you out, and you don’t want Emma as the girls name, this is a supernatural environment so you need a exotic name like Astrid or scarlet etc… IL help you write the next bit but always go forward with a book not backwards, if you write another story you can do the origins but at the minute concentrate on the story line from the present and relate to the past which you can merge in the origins of you do a part 2 x

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  6. Brian says:

    Being a survivor takes effort to connect and not retreat.

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  7. Simon says:

    The world is cruel…

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