The evil

Bang, there she goes, stumble and thud.
This is not the part, I ever understood.
Walking up the stairs, I hear her arrive.
I hide here, pretending to not be alive

Could she not let me have a night of rest.
Hearing my heart beat, out my chest.
To young and small to defend myself
As a mother, You only cared for yourself

Next day bruised and sore
No remorse when I walk through the door.
Putting on a smile saying i am alright.
Dreading the horrors that come at night.

You never knew what you did wrong.
And the reason we stayed so strong.
You are evil, and clinically insane.
Hurting others and inflicting your pain.

I have aged but never forgotten
The way you made us feel rotten.
Yes I abandoned you with a good cause.
You can’t change some evil & its flaws.



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3 Responses to The evil

  1. chris jensen says:

    i have a very similar life, funny i still love him…

    Now that he has passed on…

    Miss my father, both heart and soul!

    hugs & kisses always chris


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