A photo shopped life

A life of luxury, a life of leisure.
Removing clothes to pose for pleasure.
A false image to inspire to be.
& young girls starve to look like me.

The media portray the image as perfect.
Don’t they see the girls they wrecked.
To have a figure other than their own.
Perfectly photo shopped and so tone.

Children shouldn’t see all these lies
There’s no beauty in the disguise
It’s not reality in those magazines.
To be so slim and to fit in those jeans.

To be happy, in your own skin.
Whether your big, small, fat or thin.
Is the message we should portray.
Not the atrocity we see & read each day.


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13 Responses to A photo shopped life

  1. EDC Writing says:

    Powerful message here very well put…this piece needs to be widely seen.

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  2. EDC Writing says:

    Reblogged this on Believing Sight Unseen and commented:
    With the kind permission of ‘Thedarkestfairytale’ I re-blog her remarkable post ‘A photo shopped life’ which speaks entirely for itself.


  3. Fuck the media and what they say! They corrupt our minds all fucking day!

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  5. Eleanor says:

    Very important message, very well put.

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  6. It’s unbelievable the effect the media has over our perspective on ourselves; I constantly need to take some time and remind myself that I am beautiful and worthy in my own skin. Love the message you’ve portrayed in this piece ❀

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  7. Simply put…agreed!
    It’s a sentiment many possibilities ly a majority shares but somehow still goes ignored.
    Brilliant piece, love the rhyme and the melodic flow of this, powerful words to grow in your heart!

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