Social predator

I met a stranger online this week,
We started flirting, and began to speak,
Different, charming the man of my dreams,
I wonder what he looks like, is he all that he seems.

The messages came, thick and fast,
We would talk until, midnight past,
I can trust this man I hardly know,
The days went by as the messages flow.

Today he was awfully persistent,
Asked me to send him pictures, he said it would be different,
I thought why not, i know this bloke,
It would be fun, and some how a joke.

A hour after, the messages turned sour,
What have i done, i have given him the power,
To exploit my pictures to ruin my reputation,
Across social media, to show the nation.

The bribes came in, one by one,
The images I sent can not be undone,
Crying to the police, I explained my situation,
That it all began with texts, and a bit of flirtation.

I went back to school today,
Paranoid people know, and what would they say,
Looking over my shoulder for a stare,
Scared to know the predator is still out there.



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