Pain taught me to be kind


A life of misery, and a life of despair
The path you put us on, was unfair
With every punch, we felt your rage
Like defeated animals, trapped and caged

Through the pain, we learned to be kind
So people would not feel the sadness, we left behind
To show respect, to ourselves and others
What you failed to teach us, as a mother

But with every blow we learned a lot
People can not be trusted, or forgot
We learned to better ourselves, and not for you
To reach the top, to overcome the torture you put us through

You broke our bones, and our hearts
You teared me and my sister apart
You did not realise you gave us thick skin
Emotionally broken, we do not allow anyone in

We never thought we would survive
We realise now, were lucky to be alive
You told me we would amount to nothing
But the day we left, was the day we became something


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1 Response to Pain taught me to be kind

  1. EDC Writing says:

    When I read words such as these I never feel ‘like’ appropriate…yet have no words of my own that I feel I have any right to leave…

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