Hiding to Survive

March on, & show them your brave,
Don’t show your pain, be compliant,
Bare the weight, become it’s slave,
Don’t show a weakness, or be defiant,

Give respect, and always act moral,
Always better yourself, and excel,
Stand aside, when there is a quarrel,
Bury your problems, and your hell,

Look at a puzzle, find it’s solution,
Never step down, or begin to follow,
Don’t lose yourself in the confusion,
Look for the bright side, and for tomorrow,

No one can judge you, or your defects,
Give as much as you can, in your heart,
This is your life, it’s real complex,
You will always shine, when the control departs,

Never feel any less than royal,
Lose yourself, in a sunset upon dawn,
Act normal, honest and forever loyal
It’s never to late, to be reborn.

Burn the flame, light your fire,
Lose yourself, become alive,
Be the person, in which people aspire,
This is my manual, on how to survive.



About TheDarkestFairytale

Hello Thank you for reading if you would like to contact me please email thedarkest-fairytale@hotmail.com
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3 Responses to Hiding to Survive

  1. I do what I want! Most of the time it’s for the betterment of the ones I’m around but damn it sometimes I’m really selfish.

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