Lights out.

What to do, when I can not sleep?
Slumber in frustration or count the sheep,
An explosive mind, ticking into overdrive,
Like a nuclear bomb, coming alive.

Seeking comfort in the dark of the night,
Peace of stars, the calm of the moonlight,
But as a child I would always fear,
The darkness whispering upon my ear.

Lost in a maze, where is the remedy?
To fight this curse, to kill the ecstasy,
For when I rest, I begin to boil,
Losing hope, it’s no longer loyal,

What will it take to beat this intrusion,
is it imaginary, Is it a illusion?
Flashbacks flood, and then comes silence,
Everything goes dull, I pray for guidance.

The control is lacking, it has no morals,
To block the memories and inner quarrels,
Tonight I’ll fight the fuel, creating the drought
It’s my time to rest, time for lights out.


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2 Responses to Lights out.

  1. Love this! It is beautifully written in rhyme and easily relatable. Looking forward to more of these reads!

    – Deborah M.

    Liked by 1 person

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