Beautiful women can lead you into temptation,
The Strongest women can drown an ocean,
Intelligent women can undress you with thier eyes,
A writer can paralyze you with minimal words.


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8 Responses to Beauty

  1. EDC Writing says:

    First and last lines…totally agree. Any line with ‘drown’ in makes me uneasy…an irrational childhood fear that’s never left me. The third line…I could be mischievous…but I’ll behave…save say I’m fortunate to have intelligent women as friends so just as well I make them laugh and blur their eyes with tears…


  2. chris jensen says:

    Yeah, very true…

    Nonetheless, there are very few, men as equal,

    more dangerous, because most time, they believe the world revolves around them an they have forgotten that a women is the superior of the human race…

    These are only my thoughts, i would believe that ninety-nine percent of the male population won’t agree…


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  3. I am only a few posts in, but my word, I love your work!!! Belinda

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