I know what I want & it’s not what I need
Happiness & love, not materialistic greed,
Do I own anything that I would collect?
If my house took fire & everything was wrecked.

What I’ve learned that I’m good at doing,
Is creating a life from the ruin.
If everything burned & if everything was lost?
I could get it back at a pricey cost.

Time is the one thing that I couldn’t buy
You can spend money but the days go by,
It’s there today & it’s there tomorrow
You can’t trade time & time you can’t borrow.

Time is something that can’t be forgotten
We’re all different but we have time in common
Some have more, some have less
Something priceless that we possess.

Spend your time it will soon be gone,
Be happy, free, & hold a loved one,
Don’t waste time on money, power & gold
You will only regret it when you grow old.


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38 Responses to Time…

  1. Captain Q says:

    Such great wisdom here! & of course I love the creative rhymes! 😀

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  2. Isaac Gathings says:

    I’m loving this! And by the way, your screen name has inspired me to write a dark poem about it. If you don’t mind of course??

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  3. Time can’t be bought…or forgotten…and should never be squandered.
    This was lovely….just lovely.

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  4. cwaugh212 says:

    Time spent reading your verses not wasted
    They always show meaning of life that’s been tasted.

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  5. Wow, this is marvelous

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  6. Naynesh Pasari's Blog says:

    Brilliant love it

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  7. EDC Writing says:

    …every line a scratch that can’t heal…time no friend to anyone…live it…use it…don’t let it abuse you…waiting…doing nothing…can’t be undone.


  8. Omar S.O.A Black says:

    I really liked the whole idea and perception you have of time, in fact it is very similar to mine. I also loved the rhymes!
    Though, I disagreed with the last quatrain, so I wrote those few verses expressing my opinion:

    “Spend your time, it will soon be gone,
    Be happy, free, & hold a loved one,
    Don’t waste time, on money, power & gold
    You will only regret it, when you grow old.”

    When you grow old, all that matters is the time left
    Thinking about if they’ll forget you when you’ll rest.
    Happiness, freedom and feelings they won’t remember
    Only power and achievements, they shall keep forever.

    Love. Your lover will remember. But with his death, you die.
    Feelings & freedom turned to nought, when in the sky you lie.
    On money & power, time is not wasted, those are tools.
    Tools to save others, means to change this world of fools.

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    • Ahh you see I have a different concept of time when you grow old, mainly from working in health care, but slot of elderly patients used to reminisce about past times, not of what’s yet to come, there memories where everything to them, and that’s where I was going with it.I like your perception though, time is a one of my favorite concepts xx


      • Omar S.O.A Black says:

        I’m not saying the opposite, but most of those elders, think that they could’ve become something better, something that would’ve never been forgotten.

        Something we humans sought and still seek is immortality, but not in the biologic meaning. Rather, we want our thoughts to remain forever. Our words to be spoken through tongues of next generations. Our values to be respected by all or most. Spending time on yourself only might make you “happy”, but you will alone, because no one will remember you, because you have done nothing in this world, nor left anything on your nest. Whereas if you live for others ( which requires power & money ) you’ll clearly see the results of your well spent time.
        You’ll see your name written, hear you words spoken etc..

        Anyway, I’m ranting. Hope you got my point c;


      • Haha I still disagree, people focus to much on money and power, which they do that and they end up alone, they may have left their mark on the world, but it’s the experiences in life we remember mainly with loved ones, and time not wasted trying to make something of yourself and just to be happy in the moment, without all the greed and glories life throws at us, some of the happiest people don’t have anything and I bet they don’t live to regret, some of the most powerful people die alone because they was to busy making the mark on the world they didn’t make a mark on those left behind, those who will cherish their memories, I think time is a concept which can go two ways, thinking about the time left, or memories behind when your older, I’d rather dream about the times well spent than what is to come, as if I have live properly then what’s is to come will be worth it for what I have left behind and to say that I have lived, to think about what is to come is to me personally rather selfish to those left behind after I am gone, we have two different concepts here and now I am ranting x


      • Omar S.O.A Black says:

        I see… I think the difference between the both of us is that one believes in the happiness of an individual, and that the other does not.

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      • I think in 50 years I’d I was looking back, I can say I have lived if I have made others happy and made my mark not them, and I live on on their memories, but then others may say they would be happy if they have become powerful and made their mark on the world and left a legacy behind, just depend on what kind of person you are, x

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      • Omar S.O.A Black says:



  9. V. Ananya says:

    This is a great poem! And very true, too! 😉
    I am reblogging this. 🙂

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  10. V. Ananya says:

    Reblogged this on AnanyaWorld and commented:
    Time is precious… in so many different ways! 😉

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