When we’re young life is sweet
As we age we have a future to greet,
Yet something changes along the way
The dreams disappear to our dismay.

We see the truth that life kills the soul
It takes away dreams & your goals,
Is it time, people or the places?
That etch these lines on our faces.

I want my dreams & I want to feel
So one day they may become real,
Time changes, dreams are still there,
Until we meet another for life to share.


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39 Responses to Dreams…

  1. Eleanor says:

    I like this poem, sadly it’s true – dreams do disappear with the sheer weight of life. But it ends positively with a hope for the future – cling on to that.

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  2. Simon says:

    This is a sad but realistic poem, keeping our hipes and dreams alive is hard wehn it comes to the grind. Thanks for the post to help keep us all going! 🙂

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  3. Keep dreaming, never ever stop.
    Sometimes the dreams are all we’ve got.
    So keep dreaming, keep being you.
    Maybe just maybe they’ll all come true 😉

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  4. Eric says:

    Amazing! I love it. 🙂

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  5. This is so sweet. Hope will never die the dreams lose a little ignorant innocence but they never truly abandon us.


    • So true, dreams keep us going with hope they may come true xx

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      • I’ve certainly not given up on mine and the more I’m here im reminded of ones I put to the side or had forgotten. Maybe I’m just trying to recapture sone youth but a little whimsical reflection can recognise dreams and make them a driving force. There’s a lot of inspiration in your words…but I really should sound surprised about that.


      • Well thank you, your words always mean alot, i wont give up on my dreams and thats to be the best i can be, so its realistic dreams to reach, and thank you, i like inspiring people so thank you for reading my dear x

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      • It’s always me absolute pleasure you’ve got this lovely style that I can help but fall for. It flows beautifully and really captures what your trying to say. I’m very much a fan. Don’t ever be afraid to dream big the little ones always lead to bigger ones the true trick to dreams is patience. Money helps too…and looks. Huh, impatient have little cash and the less said about my looks the better. I won’t be getting my dreams then. Ahahahaha!!!!!

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      • Well I’m just thankful no one has noticed my bad grammar, Aww thank you, Ahh as much as people say money doesn’t buy happiness , it helps. Hahahahah Aww what’s wrong with your looks I think you need to go back to beauty within, you need to own your looks beautiful xc

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      • If I’m honest I can’t read so I’d never notice bad grammar. Honestly I don’t think there’s anything wrong with my looks, my go to is self depricating humour. I know I should stop but sometimes I just want to make thr joke. You are very sweet though, thank you for being so kind.


      • HAh I can’t read, or spell, I am surprised anyone else understands me, yeah I always joke at inappropriate times, then I sit there looking bad and sorry for my antics trying not to laugh, aw no problem x

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      • Well I understand you just fine. Please don’t ask me to count though I’ve never been good with numbers. I think I’m just bad with jokes I sometimes try a bit too hard or go way subtle and dry so noone even notices. No regrets though I’ll keep making bad jokes till one lands. I’ve got an allowance of one a month and when it hits it’s a wonderful feeling!

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  6. EDC Writing says:

    K …what am I, two or more times the age of you, yet never stopped dreaming, have always had hope, indefatigable, I wont give in (even on the days I say I will!), yes time, its passing is a pain in the ass but as long as you breath there is always something to reach out for, to seek. You make a difference, young one, you have a heart and a good one, you’ll met the one of your dreams and feel, believe and take no from no one… E (as you know…another Eric!)


  7. Love this piece, you speak the truth on this one.


  8. cwaugh212 says:

    When I was a youth, I dreamed about space,
    I wanted to go there for the whole human race.
    Now that I’m older, and that can’t come true,
    I write science fiction, giving my dreams to you.


  9. “We see the truth and life kills the soul.” How poignant. Beautiful poem.


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