Different views..

Unable to believe the stuff, people talk about,
My ears bleed, hearing the shit that comes out,
Do some not hear, the things they say,
Is this what natural selection, is today,

Materialistic, and selfish greed,
I pray that some people, never breed,
Can they not see, the bigger picture,
I suppose if they did, their brain would rupture.

Could they step back, & walk in others shoes?
Would they see, the illogical choices that they choose?
Would they continue, would they care?
Are they bothered who they hurt, are they even aware?

I think I’ve seen, more of this world than I should,
I’m not above anyone, & I’ve no right to judge,
Maybe it’s me, living all wrong,
Or maybe it’s because, my mind is strong.


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23 Responses to Different views..

  1. rakhioverhere says:

    Awesome 😍😍😍


  2. fkregieblog says:

    well noted. the presidential race has really produced some ‘different views’ in the past year. sometimes it’s not who they will breed, it’s who brought them up.


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  3. avinamdar says:

    Powerful poetry indeed ! Well written, and I agree with your views. πŸ™‚

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  4. Charley says:

    At the risk of causing a s— storm… maybe our part of the world is fractured by leaders (political and otherwise) who have lost the gift of civility and the ability to disagree with intelligence. We, the sheep of the fold, follow the lead — whether wolves or shepherds. I’ve seen damned few shepherds lately. Your poem catches perfectly the question of the day (your last stanza). You, at least, as a poet with a public voice, are willing to ask, “is it me?” Oh, for any leader to have the guts to ask that question in public! Great work!

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  5. This is why I like my own little bubble. It’s safe and secure and I don’t have to listen any insanity but my own (and that’s a full time job as I’m sure you’ve seen). I love the defiance in this, I can hear the powerful tones, each line punctuated with stern exclamation. Great piece!!

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    • Well thank you, and likewise I live in my own bubble called reality, some people have there head in the clouds and need kicking back to the real world x

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      • There are defensive bubbles and ignorant bubbles. I choose defensive as I’m a sensitive flower and it can all get a little too much for me at times. Those who close themselves off to logic and make their own realities concern me. Worst when they try and force their idiocy on to others. At least when I do it I warn people it’s idiocy. It’s a great thought provoking poem, it’s the sort of thing that could make a marvellous conversation in that big bad scary real world!

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  6. EDC Writing says:

    Too many follow through indifference, indifference equals sanction, too few stand to make a difference, those that do exposed to ridicule and worse, too many fear to be any other, than led to nowhere, by the loud mouths agenda…

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  7. ethereal says:

    Agree, this is awesome πŸ™‚

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  8. Marvelous like always

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  9. cwaugh212 says:

    I have an opinion, and so do you,
    Who’s to say one is better from out of the blue,
    If we talk and we listen, and try to understand,
    You can live in my shoes, and in yours I can stand.

    Civil discourse is healthy, shouting never will do,
    Typing CAPITAL letters we should try to eschew,
    Both sides have good points, so with logic proceed,
    And come to conclusions that both sides can heed.

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