The homeless girl..

There was once

 No place to call Home,

 Dreaming of finishing the day

 In a bed of my own.

 But days were bleak

 Lodging on friend’s sofas,

 Working 70 hours a week.

 Unable to speak the truth

 My family left me homeless,

 The nights were never smooth.

 Bouncing from place to place

 Staying in rotten accommodation,

 A fake smile written on my face.

 My friends couldn’t have known,

 The things I witnessed was out

 My comfort zone.

 Needles lying around

 People smoking crack,

 Having to stay alert

 To watch my own back.

 Observing others

Throw their life’s away,

 Whilst I was just trying

 To survive another day.

 Authorities wouldn’t assist

 I’d say “Me & mum are fighting,’

 Not that I was fighting to exist.

 Having to do it all on my own

 To hide the truth & the reality,

 They left me there



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18 Responses to The homeless girl..

  1. Wow!
    This is incredibly powerful stuff. It’s truly heartbreaking. There’s an echoing hopeless angst and bitterness that runs though the piece but the story told just leaves you heartbroken. You’d have to be a sociopath not to feel not to want to offer your home, a hug, anything to make thr badness go away.
    I like the way this has been structures as well all the broken sentences the pausing to give the impression that the words are hard to get out. Which of course given the context makes complete sense
    Please tell me it’s fiction. Please 😟

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  2. Isabella Simons says:

    Heartbreaking to rwad, yet beautifully written. I love your poetry. You have such a talent.

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  3. Ward Clever says:

    This was really good! Powerful.

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  4. Eleanor says:

    So eloquent.

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  5. V. Ananya says:

    Melancholy but beautiful! 🙂

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  6. cwaugh212 says:

    Stronger I have become,
    Because I did not succumb,
    Temptations they were many,
    But risks they had a-plenty.

    Today, I can look back,
    And know I am on track,
    The things that I have learned,
    Were lessons others spurned.

    A friend I have become,
    To those who look for one,
    To lead them from the way,
    Where evil wants to play.

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  7. EDC Writing says:

    There is a space in you that one day you’ll find will be filled with love … you’ll disagree … you’ll not allow the possibility … until it seeps into you unseen …


  8. mandibelle16 says:

    So this autobiographical? Im very sympathetic to this girl, working so hard and having to live in a place, on a couch. Not getting a great sleep, surrounded by people who are drug attics and probably not conducive to the ambitions she has for herself. No help from parents. That is awful and difficult, no fair. But I hope things are better for her now, that she has aplace of her own with a bed, and hopefully a few other things, most of all safety and security, and friends who are like family. Hugs


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