You created, a life of grief,
Just to find, some release,
Turning two good Souls, into ice,
Because of your venom, They’ll pay the price.

A constant battle, You created,
You should have been, fucking Sedated,
Two young girls ,You happily
From the blows, did it fill your

You have no idea, How they
Turned out,
Broken, haunted, & filled with
Because of you, they no longer trust,
They live in darkest, & disgust.


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19 Responses to You!!!

  1. cwaugh212 says:

    Burn in Hell, You evil thing,
    Eternal pain your actions bring,
    Suffer silently, Make no cry,
    Pain you caused, that cannot die.

    So face the music in the after life,
    Your past returns to cause you strife,
    The price is steep, for short release,
    You gave no thought to these girls’ peace.

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  2. Great writing as always @thedarkestfairytale


  3. Rajiv says:

    You have this amazing knack of adding in a nice twist

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  4. Hugs x D
    Don’t hold this forever, you’ll find men aren’t all the same, and when you find him he’ll help you heal.

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  5. wow! um….. you write with such heart. The emotions in here were like a slede hammer to my heart. Hugs xx


  6. Maremma Gee says:

    I f you want brutal & nailed it…

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  7. Utterly tragic. It’s beautifully powerful but all I can think reading this is “hug?”
    I enjoy the anger in this and the sense of release or relief that can be brought in it.
    I think this needs to be read slowly raising a disgusted till you’re shouting by the end.
    Great piece!

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