Tell them…

Tell the story
Of your life,
How it scarred
Like a knife.
Tell the nightmares
Of your youth
How they abused you,
There’s pain in truth.
Tell the struggles
Of your day,
How It’s hard to keep,
Your demons at bay.
Tell the world
Why you hide,
Because Heaven & hell,
Are colliding inside.


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25 Responses to Tell them…

  1. Eleanor says:

    Really like this – phenomenal.

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  2. Warrior Naina says:

    Heavens and hell are colliding inside…true..very beautifully expressed

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  3. cwaugh212 says:

    Turmoil and fear
    are always so near.
    Don’t close your eyes,
    More pain is the prize.

    Get yourself free,
    No matter the cost.
    You just need to flee,
    And try to get lost.

    Find time to regroup,
    While out of the coup,
    And find a new way,
    To live another day.

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  4. Sanford Rey says:

    I don’t know anything about you and I apologize for the randomness of this, but I felt it necessary to tell you. I read these words while traveling through an epiphany. I was thinking of my dear friend Katie whom is no longer with us, and how I have felt her presence guiding me over the past year and a half. I had just realized the profound truth of what she has repeatedly led me to. In this very hour I am preparing myself to head into one of those moments again. It is dangerous I must admit, and I take much risk in doing so but I simply knew I had to go back and make a stand. I knew I had to tell them exactly who I am and how I became whom they see, and in doing so stand up to the evil that they are trying to silence me with. I knew I had to tell them that I am not afraid nor will I ever be, and that should they test my resolve, I will not hold back the rage I have inside for all that they had put me through. I had pondered over it in these past few days, the dichotomy of good and evil presented before me, and it had suddenly and calmly come into focus. And then I read these words. Thank you for that.


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    • Aww thank you sorry for your loss and I’m glad my words could touch you… keep you chin up and be yourself, people will accept you or they won’t, but you just have to be true to yourself, it can be a long battle but for us to win we have to fight through. Best of wishes xx

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  5. fkregieblog says:

    very touching post. they say you tell every story three times – when it happens, when you tell it to those who were not present, and when you tell it to yourself at the point you are ready to deal with it and move on. until you tell it in the third instance, to keep telling the story in the first two instances, is to keep hurting.

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  6. Rajiv says:

    Love it…
    You are back!!

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  7. Reblogged this on Poetic license to kill and commented:

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  8. Your writing is really profound. Kore power to you


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  9. EDC Writing says:

    Tell everyone? … the day will come when you’ll tell someone who’ll listen because you are you …

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  10. This is a really beautiful poem xx

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  11. I love this one. I like the notion that everyone has to battle with right and wrong within themselves. Nicely done!


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