When the beating stops…

She wanted to be a dancer
She wanted to be a star,
The little girl wished
Her dreams weren’t far.
She prayed and hoped
Dreams would’nt pass,
Dancing with passion
The moments would last.
One day the music stopped
It didn’t sound the same,
And the little girl missed
The beating in her veins.
Her fire turned to ice
Passion turned to dust,
The little girl lost
The only thing she could trust.


About TheDarkestFairytale

Hello Thank you for reading. If you would like to contact me please email thedarkest-fairytale@hotmail.com
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10 Responses to When the beating stops…

  1. Nan Mykel says:

    Lines from Miss American Pie come to mind. “That’ll be the day that I die!”


  2. mandibelle16 says:

    Why did she stop? Why did the music change. I though of ” Miss American Pie” too. But the line “the day the music died.” I know it refers to a singer but it makes sense in your poem. She trusted her dance to the music. Now it’s gone.


  3. Bernadette says:

    Very sad day when you give up a dream.

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