Beautifully vulnerable

He always protected me
But for just one moment,
I witnessed his pain & vulnerability.
He held back his hurt and tears
I glanced for a second more,
Before I held him in my arms
And whispered,
How many times did you need me
And I wasn’t there?


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27 Responses to Beautifully vulnerable

  1. Forrest Pasky says:

    What a beautiful piece.


  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    I feel for him. Have given a lot for someone before only to have it taken for granted. Once bitten…

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  3. Coyote from Orion says:

    I still dearly love this person. I just aren’t taken with the bullshit anymore. I like to be shown a sermon rather than being given one xx

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  4. MultidimensionalHE says:


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  5. Life Memoirs Blog says:

    Emotional and touching

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  6. Ananya says:

    That was beautiful…..😍😍😍

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  7. Eleanor says:

    Beautiful and moving. xx

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  8. EDC Writing says:

    Hell I felt this one!

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  9. Rajiv says:

    You are in a deifferent mood these days, MIlady!

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