I’m afraid I’m lost
I’m unable to write,
My hope is drifting
Out of sight.
Hours wasted
But who am I?
I’m sinking deeper
When I want to fly.
I am rather lost
Not in wonderland,
In a frame of mind
I don’t understand.
It is a mystery
I can’t piece together,
But one second here
Feels like forever.


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19 Responses to Lost

  1. vsap says:

    Simple and elegant

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  2. tmezpoetry says:

    Going through the same battle with writing and just and up putting whatever out there to push myself. Sometimes that helps and sometimes that doesn’t. But good to see that you’re pushing it forward too.

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  3. Amit Mittal says:

    Nice poem @Katrina ๐Ÿ‘

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  4. Phenomenal as always

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  5. It’s painful to be lost. I think it’s more painful for a creative as we feel more deeply. our balance is offset in drastic ways. what can take a more lateral logical thinking a moment to solve can take the artistic fanciful mind much long.
    Rest assured you’re not lost without company. We here on this contraption can help save each other.

    It’s a gorgeous piece that evokes so much confusion and fear. It reads like a notice that’s carved into the trees as you’re trying to find your way out of the woods. It’s not asking for help but merely an explanation as to why you’ve not been found.
    Brilliant piece!


  6. Ananya says:

    Yes… I can sort of relate to this…

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  7. Beautifully written and completely understood.

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