I used to hate the silence, until I realised how loud everything is. Now I miss the silence.


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35 Responses to Silence

  1. Nan Mykel says:

    I agree with you in a way, but then it occurs to me that I might try and control the noise: the song of a bird, the soft purr of a cat, a familiar old favorite song tuned to the lowest setting. The thing is, we may have an infinity of silence waiting for us.

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  2. Agreed ☝️ miss it

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  3. This……. This is my favorite by far. I feel it.

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  4. Rajiv says:

    Ah! Did you read the story by Poe on silence?

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  5. Rebecca says:

    I moved to the woods to get away from noise. Literary. It can go days without me seeing another person. Most of the time I am in love with this silence. And other times it seems louder than the biggest of cities.

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  6. EDC Writing says:

    With three generations of women to contend with I’ve forgotten what silence is!


  7. cwaugh212 says:

    Sweet silence,
    How it soothes the soul,
    In recompense,
    On grassy knoll,
    For days gone by,
    With raucous sound,
    Where time does fly,
    And noise abound.

    A stirring blade,
    Of spring’s new grass,
    A zephyr’s breath,
    That that will not last.
    Soft colors add
    More inner peace,
    No room for sad,
    When angst does cease.

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  9. simonfalk28 says:

    Unexpected silence can feel loud or unwelcome in some way. But some silence seems to soothe us. Still enjoying lots of your poems! πŸ™‚

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  10. Beautifully well said. and the truth is harsh in these times.

    This song is for you:

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  11. devereaux frazier says:

    Reblogged this on Creative Writing Reblogged.

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  12. Coyote from Orion says:

    I didn’t see anything posted by you and my stomach went like electrical and I thought maybe you were gone and the fairy tales was going to be like the morning when you pull the curtains to literally see what you have done…. usually if I had to run I would claim to be a cop and say I had to go back to the station. If I had performed badly they always believed me….
    But back to the molasses fairy tale… you are here. Thank Rumplestiltzkin. You have not ditched me…. yet.
    So I must come up with my next trick to impress you and anyone who needs a good blast of Pantera (which is everyone really)

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  13. AJ says:

    Silence. Fab.

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