Uniquely diverse

You can’t see beyond
Your own headlights,
We all look & observe
Yet no-one eyes
Are the exact same.
My reality is different
To what you observe,
We sleep and dream
Yet dreams aren’t real.
When we’re awake
We could be dreaming,
When we’re sleep
Are we actually awake?
My conscious state
Isn’t the same as yours,
Brains works differently
So do our choices.
Don’t ever expect me
To think like you do,
To See what you see
Or dream your dreams.
You’ll not understand
The way i think,
Or like how I dress
As my body is made
Only For me.
This reality I see
Is only mine.


About TheDarkestFairytale

Hello Thank you for reading. If you would like to contact me please email thedarkest-fairytale@hotmail.com
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19 Responses to Uniquely diverse

  1. EDC Writing says:

    Stunningly composed …

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  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    Beautiful. Makes clear sense. Raining here the next few days. Best wishes over there x

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    • Ahh thank you, have a nice time xx

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      • Coyote from Orion says:

        Rain pouring now. ANZAC day here. National day of remembrance. My footy club plays the Collingwood Magpies on this day each year to a crowd of at least 85,000. Largest crowd I ever competed in front of was about 36,000. It is a high performing in front of a crowd. Even better when you wreck all opposition

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      • Sounds great, have fun x

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      • Coyote from Orion says:

        Losing my shit. Not fun. Not for my mate or the bloke wanting me to play in their band tomorrow. Feels good to blow out the cobwebs and get the Lauren Becalls rumbling. Haven’t given a verbal pasting like that since I was in the health system and a supervisor was bullying his staff whilst working in an illegal porn ring going around a women’s hospital. The pommie senior manager who was protecting him was actually starting a new life here because the Millwall Bushwhackers had had enough of him.

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      • Oh god you life doesn’t seem boring x

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      • Coyote from Orion says:

        Not at all really. Can always apply narrative or bigger picture. Whatever I went through happened and I do continue breathing. I sort of want to work again yet I am broken. I get a lot of judgement because I look good and want to feel good. I don’t feel like I have to explain anything to anyone and I don’t. They wouldn’t be interested anyway or wouldn’t care to think too deep if I tried. I get animosity from some blokes especially because women like me and I aren’t trying to take over anyone. It is like the hell I went through keeps on living with me and I just try and channel out what they did to me. I get tired and I can’t be bothered chasing the low road.


  3. AJ says:

    You can’t see beyond
    Your own headlights,

    Great imagery

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  4. is is so true .love this!

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  5. It’s truly bizarre how judgemental people can be. Everyone is their own person yet you’re told to conform. When it’s their issue they argue noone will understand and when it’s your issue you have to conform to their ideal… their solutions.
    I love how unapologetic this is. Everyone should echo this in live. We are uniquely diverse. Some more than others (me more than most just to brag πŸ˜„)
    If you allow us to live we will learn. If you enforce social convention and a unwillingness to abandon arrogance your victim will be stunted.

    This is a marvellous piece it taps into something so very raw in a way that shows so much strength, fragility and resolve.
    Defiantly wonderful!


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