Maybe one day

I never wanted to hurt
Or tell these lies,
I am protecting you
From the pain in my eyes.
Sharing my burden
Just makes it real,
I will drown it out
Until I’m unable to feel.
I’m doing this for you
Only because I care,
It’s my baggage
A heavy weight to bear.
Maybe one day
I will let my tears flow,
Let you see pieces of me
That I’m scared to show.


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26 Responses to Maybe one day

  1. Simon says:

    That’s some trust to do that! 😊

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  2. Seriously love the way you write! sometimes it is as though u wrote wat I am/was feeling at the do you do that?But yeah I know I am telling this every time but honestly Iam in love with the way you write

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  3. aldearon says:

    The words you are not writing are still here on the paper, the words that echo so deeply in the rhyme… I feel them resonating, it is as if I am reading thoughts that have been mine once, or maybe still are. Most of the words hit me deeply and that is a rare gift. I absolutely love your writing, but I am sad for the pain you endured to write the words (even if some are shared).

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  4. Heart wrenchingly beautiful…as always. 😘

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  5. Its truly a intense poem. I did loved the overall flow of your poem.

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  6. Rajiv says:

    Milady, awesome!

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  7. AJ says:

    As is often the case, your words succinctly and beautifully encapsulate powerful feelings and emotions.

    Don’t go running out of ink.

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  8. randyjw says:

    Thank you. Understood — the feelings, as well as the words and actions.

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  9. This hot home for me…. your words are perfectly placed…..

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  10. Oh, My Lady! You have written such a masterpiece of imagery and emotion that captures the yearning and hurt of the heart and soul for having to hide the truth and only longing hope that, “Maybe One Day” she can let the truth be known! Dear You are pulling really hard on my heartstrings here!!! I think Your “She” need a Big, Big Hug!

    I is so great to meet a new friend! Thanks for coming by my blog. I hope You found it worthy of Your time. Please come see me again??
    The Reluctant Poet

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