They’re all the same

I have realised
I am on my own,
Around my sister
Doesn’t feel like home.
She does not care
Only for herself,
I bleed and cry
Only to myself.
I hide all this pain
Until the day I die
When I see her
It feels like lies.
She only sees
Her reality,
Whilst I lose myself
In my insanity


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19 Responses to They’re all the same

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    My insanity takes a break from itself in me. I increased the rent last month xx

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  2. Kris says:

    Gracious, you met my sister??? I’ll be jiggered. I’ve learned to ignore her-she tries to manage me, but I am a duck and she is the water. I try to let her roll off. As one of my followers said, we can choose friends and not family…… I’m glad you are a friend!

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  3. Eleanor says:

    K, this poem’s eloquent and heartfelt; you express the pain and struggle starkly. I’m sending positive, supportive vibes through cyberspace. xx

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  4. @vapor_sage says:

    One would hope that I don’t become too absorbed to be so numb to the pain of those closest to me

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  5. Venusian Cenobite says:

    Our nature is selfish. Do not let your perception fool you. We are all the same. You will only realize this about your self if you dig deep enough or people who are close to you

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  6. Katrina, I just wanted to thank you for blessing us and the world with your art. Thank you

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  7. It’s like you have been inside my head. Nicely written. 🙂

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