They see my goodness as weakness.  They see my evil as insanity. When I hide behind my mask, they can only see what I let them see.


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15 Responses to Perception

  1. I like what I see amd more what I read

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  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    You had me at…. wait your fucking turn (to tell you how good you are)🙃😜

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  4. O.D. says:

    The image and translation of information based on external perception can only be left to those outside your vessel. Unfortunately, some lack the intellectual capacity to understand such intrinsic information.

    You are in control ultimately, and it matters not how they translate it because they dont realize you are giving them what they believe they’ve manufactured. In essence, when they need a definition of you, you give it to them.

    Basically, I love this ❤


  5. mihrank says:

    I feel the use of words are important, for they are powerful enough to wound or heal.

    They can change the way you think, or simply how you feel.

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  6. True, we see what shown, yet we feel much more … it’s why we’re here and read you. You take care my friend.

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  7. Lost soul says:

    So true.

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