Inhale me..

Feel the curves

Of my existence,

Exhale my name

In anticipation,

Taste me

Without any resistance,

Use your tongue

To talk to my flesh,

Conquer me

With your seduction,

Break me down

Into a molecule

absorb all of me,

Be the poetry

To my blank page.

via Inhale me..

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12 Responses to Inhale me..

  1. I love this, especially the finale

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  2. D says:

    Blanks … Nice final line.

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  3. Major Styles says:

    I’m inhaling! πŸ™‚

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  4. DeathWriter says:

    Wow. Like wow. Very nice.

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  5. mihrank says:

    you have deeply and amazing imagination!!!

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  6. Love the last two lines !!

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