Escaping reality

I’ll have another drink
To drown my doubt,
As I light up a joint
I will numb it out.
Listening to music
My mind drifts away,
Secretly I’m praying
Not to see another day.
Next day I’ll wake
Full of regrets,
But yet I do it again
I just need to forget.
I will try and change
As I realise I’m fucked,
It’s harder then you think
It’s easier to self destruct?


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14 Responses to Escaping reality

  1. Major Styles says:

    Years later (after so much drug abuse) I now realize that this is the life that the (((media))) want for us. The hopelessness, the communism, the circumcision. They want our early death (see the rise of suicides among so many young Americans).

    Thankfully, there is hope. Looking inside and seeing the Warrior (or Goddess) that you are destined to become. And the be willing to carefully observe the weak charlatans when they applaud our self destruction.


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  3. @vapor_sage says:

    I have known the longing, desire, hunger, thirst, what have you, which you so exquisitely and succinctly expressed. Dwelling at the margin is painful, to say the least, but it’s where I have discovered the divine within and discovering contentment with what is and my place. Wishing you the best and Thank you for exposing yourself this way


  4. Simon says:

    Sometimes it’s easy but you just have to keep going.
    Thought provoking… x


  5. Coyote from Orion says:

    Have gotten back in the gaming industry. Revisiting some White Wolf publishing with my PiC.


  6. DeathWriter says:

    “Listening to music
    My mind drifts away”

    This is me time to me. Once or twice a day, I willing get lost for a few mintues.


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