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Do any of my followers use Google earth and can tell me what this? found just off Ghana in the Gulf of Guinea. You will need to be on street view for it to appear. But its not registered as a location but being picked up by satellite?

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10 Responses to Google earth

  1. Matt says:

    There are a number of islands in that area, one of which is a part of Ghanaian territory; Bobowasi Island. I only did a very quick Google & Wiki search, so may be way off, but my money would be on that.

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  2. The Militant Negro says:

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  3. Ogden Fahey says:

    Alien base! 😮


  4. Simon says:

    I use google earth sometimes and when you look closely you see all kinds of things. A lot of these artefacts can be caused by holes in data which are caused because the sanning for some reason or other hasn’t taken place there or is a lower resolution in those places.

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