Don’t try & understand who I am
Hardwired like a programme,
Hidden coding behind the screen
So you won’t see a faulty machine.

Like all machines there’s a switch
To turn off & on when I feel a glitch,
People ignore what’s beyond the surface
Steel, memories, & a short circuit.

Woken to do the tasks in hand
Processing data for my brain to expand,
And I’ll stick a smile on the display
So you won’t notice what’s locked away.

A reboot won’t help it’s internal damage
But I can still function & still manage,
Quite an advanced little machine
Artificial intelligence that can’t be seen.


via Hardwired…

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9 Responses to Hardwired…

  1. D says:

    Great rhythm to this, I like the illusion to the digital face we’re supposed to put on now. D

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  2. You fucntion efficiently, especially writing wise

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  3. cwaugh212 says:

    Code 404 you can’t ignore.
    The page is lost, who knows the cost?
    Clear oil drips down the screen’s big frown,
    So what is next? A simple text?
    “My code is broken. Where’s the token?”
    I might as well have never spoken.

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  4. Simon says:

    You’re the you machine, you do what you do. Every ‘quirk’ is a part of your individual programme, every function has a purpose. You are you and unique and wonderful for it. 🙂


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