Maze runner

There are rooms
in my mind,
If you open the doors
Don’t be afraid
Of what you’ll find.
Some are beautiful
Others you’ll fear,
If they’re dark
I bring flowers here.
Don’t go in the closets
They can get messy,
Find the secret rooms
There’s not that many.
You don’t need an invite
There is no key,
It’s an open maze
To experience me.


via Maze runner

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8 Responses to Maze runner

  1. Reblogged this on theherdlesswitch and commented:
    Love this poem from thedarkestfairytale!

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  2. Simon says:

    This is great, you’ve found a lot to write about the you that has to be explored. 🙂

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  3. I so love this journey through the house of your mind.
    Such a leasure to read and beautifully done

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