The labyrinth

I close my eyes & I begin to dream
Only to be awoken by echoing screams,
A maze of paths & endless patterns
“Holy fuck” how did this happen?

I drift around there’s no way out
Barely can see I panic & shout,
Menacing roars from far ahead
It knows I’m here & it needs to be fed.

I run around, it’s a lot to apprehend
Paths lead to nowhere except dead ends,
The pattern is complex & I’m not going lie
I’m scared I’m lost & I don’t want to die.

Instincts surge and logic appears
I’ll get to the centre, everything is clear,
I need to find a key to open this door
With the courage to face a Minotaur.

Starting to wish I listened to my teacher
How did Theseus kill this creature?
No time to think the screams draw closer,
I stumble & fall, into the Minotaur’s enclosure

I can feel it with me I’m fully aware
It’s sizing me up I feel its stare,
Out of the shadows it crowds my space
I nearly collapsed it has the same face.

Everything is clear the maze is in my head
The fear I carry keeps the monster fed,
I’m to face myself if I want to be free
I’m the only one that’s holding the key.


via The labyrinth

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18 Responses to The labyrinth

  1. A labyrinth of the insightful
    . . . wonderfully written.

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  2. I love reading poetry that expresses how I currently feel about my life better than I could put into words myself sometimes. I especially appreciated the cursing in the first part! Awesome post! ❤️😆✌🏻

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  3. Sometimes, the one were, trying to, escape from, is, ourselves, and, if we don’t, learn to, accept ourselves, for who we are, we will, forever, be trapped, by our own means…

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  4. Barney Rubble says:

    Theseus has a girlfriend witch.

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  5. Barney Rubble says:

    Ariadne I think. Jason had Medea.


  6. Barney Rubble says:

    Mino (Minos)… Taur (Taurus)
    The minotaur was a result of the affair between King Minos’s wife and a bull… which was an octave of Zeus’s romp with the white bull Europa


  7. Barney Rubble says:

    Hence why Hera helps Theseus to thwart her philandering husband through a witchy wife


  8. Ed Lehner says:

    So very true . . . great insight.

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